Zamboang Hermosa 2014 Events

Here are the event highlights of Zamboanga Hermosa 2014. Post and share your memories of this year's fiesta and don't forget to use the official hashtag #ZamboHermosaFest2012! See you around!

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02 October 2014


 With the city's grandest festival big comeback, we bring you the Official Motion Graphics for the Zamboanga Hermosa Festival 2014 featuring the event highlights such as the Cosechas de Zamboanga, Regatta de Zamboanga, and Danza la Vida. Let's embrace the fiesta spirit! One Love. One Life. One Zamboanga. This is the #ZamboHermosaFest2014 Viva Zamboanga!

Music - "We are One (Ole Ola) The Official 2014 FIFA World Cup Song [Olodum Mix]" Performed by Pitbull, Jenifer Lopez and more.
Design and Animation by Ced Zabala

Here's the official poster with the complete lineup of activities. Click for full view. Feel free to grab and share! Don't forget to use the offical hashtag #ZamboHermosaFest2014!

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09 September 2014

September 9 Program

The City Govt has lined up various activities to honor the September 9 heroes and to commemorate the brave as it stand united with the people of Zamboanga in defending the Philippine flag.

Mayor Beng Climaco will lead the different activities starting today and tomorrow, the first year since the September 9, 2013 siege.

Activities on Monday, September 8, include the 8am flag raising ceremony in front of City Hall, a visit to project sites under the Zamboanga City Roadmap to Recovery and Reconstruction (Z3R) by media people at 9am, “Kumustahan” or dialogue with media at 11am, blessing and inauguration of the newly constructed City Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office (CDRRMO) building at Pettit Barracks at 12 noon and subsequently, CDRRMC meeting at the new building at 1pm.

On September 9, the activities will include the groundbreaking of houses on stilt in Mariki at 8am and the turnover of 120 housing units and 16 housing materials assistance in Paniran, Sta. Catalina at 9am.

In the afternoon at 1:30 at the City hall lobby will be the opening of an Art Exhibit that is an offshoot of a 10-day Art Healing Workshop held at the City Coliseum; Ecumenical Service at 3:30pm at the Plaza del Pilar; mass at Fort Pilar at 5:30pm and candle lighting ceremony in front of City Hall at 6:30pm.

All the events encompass the theme healing the wounds of the past and moving forward to building back a better Zamboanga.

Mayor Climaco has spearheaded a series of camp dialogues with internally displaced persons (IDP) leaders as a form of psychosocial intervention to minimize the effects of the trauma caused by last year’s siege.

Other organizations and institutions or agencies have also lined up activities in line with the thrust of honouring the heroes, commemorating the brave, united in defending the Philippine flag. (Sheila Covarrubias)
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08 September 2014

Ho Chi Minh City Day and Night Walking Tour

Day 2! Good morning Saigon!!! I'm to lazy to write now so here's Joed's journal about this day:

First morning in Vietnam. We had our first Vietnamese breakfast. Walked around Bui Vien with Jelan from dawn till sunrise to get a feel of how urban Vietnamese jumpstart their day. We went to a coffee shop nearby to chill while waiting for our appointment with Ms. Ha. After visiting Innoviet's office and meeting an awesome bunch of new Vietnamese friends we officially started our walk around the city.
1) 23/9 Park
2) Benh Tanh Market
3) Trang Nguyen Statue
4) Ho Chi Minh City Fine Arts Museum
5) Notre Dame Cathedral

It was 12 noon and the sun's heat is scorching so we decided to rest and have our lunch (Jelan's inside story to be discussed in my blog). We followed the local Vietnamese (office employees) to see where they go for lunch and yes, we found a wonderful cafe in a hidden alley. Then there was an outpour, it seems that the clouds just have to cool off the heat for us. :) The food was soo good. We rested for a while and continued our walk:

6) Ho Chi Minh City Hall
7) Ho Chi Minh Post office
8) Reunification Palace

It was around 3:30 pm and everyone seems exhausted so we went back to Innoviet to get our stuff and check-in at Saigon Youth Hostel. We just love this accommodation because of its location. After freshening up, we went walking around Pham Ngu Lao to try some Vietnamese Street Food. After getting our tummy full, we get ourselves ready to see the Water Puppet Show (A must see cultural show in Saigon). We had dinner at Viet Restaurant and finally meet Bao. If we would have known that Bao would treat us for a more authentic Vietnamese food experience eating on the streets we could've waited. But anyhow, first day is overwhelming with happiness and perfection. :)

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02 September 2014

Vietnam-Cambodia Trip Day 1: Off to Ho Chi Minh!

One of the best moments of my life (so far) is travelling with these awesome group of people. Joed, Apple and her boyfriend who was also my college mate, GP, who was about to finish their MBA's decided to book an 8-day trip to Vietnam and Cambodia on the New Year's eve to take advantage of Cebu Pacific's holiday Piso fare. They chose August 19-27 because there were two holidays and it's also perfect for me since midterms would be done by that time. The trip was also a birthday treat for me and Apple who are turning 24 this year. I just followed my gut feeling and accepted their invitation to join them. Carla, Jelan and Jervin also booked their tickets and so a total of 7 of us would be goin on the trip.

Joed, who already have an experience in travelling outside the country and who was very much enthusiastic about our trip was the one who researched and arranged our tour. We had 8 months to plan our itinerary and budget our expenses and, thankfully, our group were very efficient in doing so. Obstacles and last-minute problems were inevitable but still we pushed through our plans until the day finally came.

We met at the Zambo Airport at 11:30AM and we were on our superhero tees which i gave them on my birthday. We arrived at Manila at 3PM and decided to go to SM Mall of Asia to have our tummies filled. We had Cinnabon together with my brother, Aljo, who is studying in Manila. Then, we had our sumptuous early dinner at Sizzling Pepper Steak.

At Zamboanga International Airport with my #ootd 

Super Best Friends Back Packing Club is off to Manila

Great day to travel!

Touchdown at NAIA Terminal 3

With bro Aljo at MOA. First stop: CINNABON! yum!

Early dinner at Sizzling Pepper Steak

At last we're complete!!! Super Best Friends Back Packing Club is off to HCMC!

This is it! My first ever international flight!

2 and a half hour flight to Vietnam. #timetravelling

Welcome to Vietnam!

NAIA is better. The Immigration officers were kinda scary!

Finally, we arrived at the backpackers area. Time to rest for our first day adventure at Saigon!

Check out the next day's adventure in the next post here.
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17 August 2014

Jun and Jena SDE

 Since my last SDE, i've been very busy with my new work as an Information Officer at the City Hall of Zamboanga. I now have a full-time job again and i have to work from eight to five on weekdays. Fortunately, I had an opportunity to do an SDE again. I came full circle when me and my former colleagues from my first job (Seed Interactive) were reunited and created a brand new Videography team which we called "Creology" from the word Creo which means to "create". This new team aims to infuse fresh visuals in our video since we are also Graphic designers.

Our first client was the brother of Jan-jan's girlfriend. Jun entrusted our new team to cover their most special day. Aside from the new team they selected, Jun and Jena had their wedding ceremony in a brand new event place called The Alexandra Events Garden at Cabato Road (facebook page). It means we were also the first team to cover an event there. Jun and Jena wanted a Garden wedding and it turned out really beautiful with the help of Jeff's coordination and event styling team.

We really wanted to have our own signature touch in our video. For this one I created a frame by frame animation of the letterings of their names. We also paid attention to symmetry in terms of composition. And, of course, the most important thing in every wedding video is capturing the most essential moments of the bride and groom. Check out Jun and Jena's exquisite wedding in Creology's first ever SDE.

Jun and Jena Wedding
August 8, 2014

PREPS Lantaka Hotel by the Sea | VENUE The Alexandra Events Garden | COORDINATION & EVENT STYLING Jeff Fernandez | HAIR & MAKEUP Rebekah | GOWN Mandrake Servito | LIGHTS & SOUNDS Wild Bluez | PHOTOGRAPHY Roy Guilly Natividad | VIDEOGRAPHY Creology | SHOOTERS Jan2x, Jaime, Jolas, Johnery | EDITOR csz97
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19 July 2014

"Time Out" AdZU Faculty and Staff Art Exhibit

The Gallery of Peninsula and the Archipelago gathered artists from Ateneo's faculty and staff for an art exhibit. It featured various artwork from different media such as painting, sculpture, photography and arts and craft. The Opening program was held at the Carlos Dominguez Conference Hall, 5:30 on July 17, 2014. Father Willy Samson gave the opening remarks and I gave an inspirational speech about my journey as an artist. The artists were recognized followed by the ribbon cutting at the Gallery by art advocate Councilor Gerky Valesco and Fr. Willy. Here are the photos of the exhibit launch. Click for larger view.

Fr. Willy and Councilor Gerky for the ribbon-cutting ceremony.

Maam Maui, department chair of Computer Science dept and Sir Romeo Rabajante

With Maam Sandra Jamiro featuring her awesome paintings.

My artworks, "Vinta de Zamboanga" and "Love Heals 2.0", experimental mixed media sculpture made of scrap wood, nails and strings. Click for larger view!

My ever supportive friends. Thanks for being there for me guys! Love you so much!

Here's my artist statement:

As a young boy I always wanted to be a great artist like Van Gogh and Andy Warhol. But art classes meant watching my mom do cross-stitch all day. I didn't even know how to draw and paint like real artists do. But somehow my eagerness to do beautiful images and my resourcefulness revealed my creative side when I learned how to use Photoshop. I ventured into creating Photo-manipulations and Digital Illustrations by using my doodles as my reference images. I discovered that by creating images I can express myself and show people an art that is developed with technology. There I developed my style of art.

It all starts with doodles, random drawings filled at the last page of my class notebooks. I scan them digitally and transform them using imaging softwares. My favorite subjects are fragments of my being like my experiences, ideas, knowledge, my culture, and my random world of imagination. I always enjoy the process of creation, revision and producing the final form. Most of the time I don't have a concept while doing a work but when every piece has fallen into place a deeper meaning reveals to me which also surprises me. The thrill and excitement of discovery makes me feel like a true artist.

Recently, I had an opportunity to create a set of artworks using traditional medium. My enthusiasm in Painting was reawakened which further pushed me to explore in other medium and forms of art. These are the first set of artworks that are product of my experimentation with wood, nail and strings. Inspired by my mom's cross-stitch works, I attempted to translate my style with the technicality of handicraft. The output is an equitable blend of the rough qualities of carpentry and a delicate nature of embroidery. I am still in constant pursuance of my creative growth and identity and to this day I have renewed hope that someday I will be the artist I always wanted to be.


UPDATE: Just my doodle art blog about the set of artworks which sparked these set of paintings. Check out my Handmade Wooden Signs here.
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